Villa Scacciapensieri

Villa Scacciapensieri and Tuning between body and mind with Renata present a special collaboration for the well-being of our customers.

Throughout the summer we offer you the opportunity to have massage sessions, even for couples; in special gazebos specially set up in our splendid park.

From Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 13:00 14:00 - 19:00

For info and reservations or 057741441

The holistic disciplines (the arts of well-being) always work respecting the fact that the pathologies proper and the related treatment systems are of medical competence.


DaiShiDo massage
1h or 30 min
The DaiShiDo massage is a gentle, non-invasive massage and acts to restore the person's overall balance.
It starts from decentralizing the treated area up to a mental relaxation too. The operator listens to the flow of the person's breath, "connects" with his body which "explains" his needs directly to her hands.
It is an intuitive massage, slow and enveloping hands will help you find harmony in your whole being, to experience a true feeling of lightness and well-being.
It is a type of massage created to be practiced even while remaining in comfortable clothing.

Maori massage
It involves the application of a manual action also aided by the use of specific wooden tools, to act optimally on various tissues and organs of our body.

Vodder lymphatic drainage
It allows you to fight against the imperfections caused by swelling and cellulite, which are in great demand especially for the summer period by women.

Massages from the Diabasi School

Classic Swedish Massage
Basic techniques are used such as: brushing, friction, kneading and percussion, designed to promote blood and lymph circulation.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage
It can be sweet or energetic, relaxing or invigorating; it helps to lift tensions directly with the operator's manipulations. It is called the Massage of Change.

Amazonian massage
It creates a synergy between the maneuvers, the rhythm and the repeated musical frequencies, in a hypnotic way to stimulate the cerebral response at the subcortical level, obtaining a calming and deeply relaxing effect in the person.

Decontracting massage

Touch4Wellness Aroma Massage
We combine gentle and engaging maneuvers with the benefits of essential oils and DIABASI ESSENTHIA blends.

Kirei and Kobido massage
Professional beauty treatment, increasingly required to improve the quality of the skin of the face and décolleté, as well as a perfect remedy to relax body and mind.