Villa Scacciapensieri

Villa Scacciapensieri is a hotel in Siena with private outdoor parking. On vacation, you don't have to give up anything, not even the car!
A relaxing weekend brings with it all the comforts. Elegance, ease of travel, high quality cuisine and why not, the possibility of parking your car next to the city center.

Hotel Villa Scacciapensieri, located a short distance from the historic center of Siena, with private parking, will offer you all this.
Whether you are here for a relaxing weekend, for a few days out of town or for work, you will appreciate the possibility of not giving up moving with your car, freeing yourself from any stress from traffic, parking and crowded vehicles. All of Tuscany will be at your fingertips and you will be able to enjoy every corner of this beautiful region in the most comfortable way possible.

Private Parking

Arriving at Villa Scacciapensieri you will find a gate dating back to the ancient residence through which you can access the park. Here there is private parking. Our Hotel in Siena allows you to park and then start all your routes around Tuscany, to discover Chianti, medieval villages and main cities.

Furthermore, when you return here in the evening you can save time and effort by leaving your car in the reserved parking area.