Villa Scacciapensieri

Villa Scacciapensieri is a hotel in Siena with a garden, surrounded by greenery, a feature that makes it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Tuscany immersed in peace and nature.

A beautiful romantic-style park develops on one side of the Villa, a place of peace where you can immerse yourself to enjoy silence and tranquility. This type of park is characterized by a succession of large green scenographies with informal and bucolic compositions inspired by the spontaneity of nature, undulating and sinuous paths, the panorama of the Sienese Chianti in the distance. In fact, romanticism has always presented a strong admiration for nature and its wildest expressions, capable of arousing a sense of awe and wonder in any person.

You will also be able to enjoy its delightful Italian garden, a late Renaissance style characterized by a geometric subdivision of spaces obtained with the use of tree-lined rows and hedges, plant sculptures of various shapes obtained with the pruning of evergreen bushes, architectural elements such as fountains and statues.