Villa Scacciapensieri

Villa Scacciapensieri is also a hotel for dogs in Siena. Pets are welcome: services, quality and hospitality throughout the year.
We welcome guests with animals with joy and offer personalized services designed specifically for their hospitality.

One of the great uncertainties, when organizing a holiday, is how to behave with your four-legged friends: there are those who leave them to relatives or friends, those who take them to equipped boarding houses and there are those who just don't want to be separated. and would never go on vacation without their pet. Hotel Villa Scacciapensieri thought of this last category of people when it decided to admit cats and dogs to its facility and become a pet friendly hotel.
The well-being of pets is one of the objectives of the hotel!

Pet friendly hotel in Siena: relax in the park

The park of our hotel for dogs in Siena is very spacious and allows you and your pets to walk quietly in the shade of the trees. Furthermore, the moment of play is fundamental for dogs: this is why the park can be an excellent place to play and have fun with your four-legged animal!

Services for animals

When you book your stay at Villa Scacciapensieri do not forget to inform the hotel of the presence of your pet: the room will be equipped with a cot or bunk, a bowl for water and one for food.